About Us

About Us

Who we Are?

The Wooden Art Company is an Egyptian joint-stock company founded by Ehab Ahmed Mostafa Momen, Nashwa Said, and Mohamed Diab In 2018. It relies on his diverse background and extensive experience in the furniture industry.
“Our main objective is to ensure our client’s satisfaction by paying attention to even the smallest details and providing innovative solutions to implement artistic designs. We accomplish this by merging the accuracy of our craftsmanship with the creativity of our designs.
Our website will primarily focus on chairs, sofas, and tables.”
You can easily find the best Home furniture products by visiting our website at www.alsafwafurniture.com.

Founder & CEO

Ehab, born in 1979, hails from a family that has been pioneers in the furniture industry since 1911 in Damietta, the furniture capital of Egypt. Beginning his journey as a furniture manufacturer at the age of ten in the renowned city of Damietta, Ehab has come a long way.

In 2018, Ehab took over as the leader of The Wooden Art Company, with a clear vision to make it the number one choice in the furniture manufacturing market. He is determined to achieve this by linking the past with the present, preserving the gains of past efforts and experiences, and leveraging global technological advancements to reach new heights of creativity.

Ehab’s ultimate goal is to expand his company’s reach to both the domestic and global markets, making it a force to be reckoned with in the furniture industry. With his unwavering determination, Ehab is confident that he will achieve his vision.

The ceative Vission

The fusion of materials, histories, civilizations, Nature, and processes from diverse cultures in the creative process is undoubtedly the key to producing exceptional and groundbreaking products.

The furniture industry, for instance, has benefited greatly from the Pharaonic, Islamic, and European civilizations and their unique designs.

By confidently integrating these designs with modern styles and using sustainable materials that serve the design and preserve the environment, we can create innovative and awe-inspiring products.