Elsayeda Zeinab, Cairo, Egypt


The Art Of Crafting Wood!


   The Wooden Art

The Art Of Crafting Wood!

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Handcrafted Furniture

Every piece has a story behind it and we bring it to life by all the passion and art vested into it by our furniture artists. When we design our furniture, we build it to last and evolve as a long-lasting footprint of our artistic creations. 


Innovative Designs

We offer classic and elegant type of furniture blended with modern taste and preferences of artwork. We make sure that we produce the right products that fits with every home,


Committed to Quality

When it comes to Quality, it's our first priority. Quality comes first, hence, we cannot tolerate quality issues in our products and we are ethically bounded to offer you our products in acceptable quality. What you see is what you get! 

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